Robot Motion Tracking Head & Ants Videos

First version of a robot head that follows movement around. It can pan and tilt.
It is made of 3 sonar sensors and 2 servo motors.
It is driven by an Arduino Mega 1280.
It was done in an hour with the help of Spirielle for the body design :)

Ants Simulation

These days I'm working on an Ants Simulation written in C# using the Microsoft XNA Framework. More to come when I will find time to work on the project.

Ants Simulation

Gaming Project : Starman's Rush

This is a project I am working on right now, it is a 3D OpenGL game.
I will implement an online Highscore on it and update the graphics a bit before releasing it.

Head with Servos and Ping Ultrasonic Sensor

I have experimented with servos and ultrasonic sensor lately. These videos shows what I made with the Arduino, one Ping Ultrasonic Sensor and two Dynam servos.

Autonomous Arduino robot

I am currently working on a personal project consisting of building an autonomous robot with an Arduino and using the C programming language.
I will post other information on a project page later on.

By the way, here are two games that used the DirectX API that I programmed a while back, they are on my old website but I wanted to bring them back on this website:

VoiceCam, a voice recognition system for medical cameras

For my second semester at the University of Sherbrooke, my big project is to create a voice recognition system using a FPGA and a graphical interface made with QT and C++ to control a medical camera. You can take a look at it at

Kiwi, the robotic bat !

Here is the project I made for my first semester in Computer Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. I did the entire C++ programming to make it work.

New Project

New projects are on their way.

New website

This will be my new website, my old one is available here:
Here is a place where I put some of my school works:

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